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Now, your genes will determine the perfect weight loss diet for you

Taking personalisation to the next level If there’s one self-care topic that grabs our attention the most, it’s weight loss, especially when you’re a part of the tribe that has been struggling to lose those extra pounds. With progress, unfortunately, has come more stress, crazy schedules and poor lifestyle. “We’re definitely not making good food choices, says Arizona-based naturopath Dr Meghna Thacker, who practises at Tutera Medical. “Given our busy lives, most of us are looking for things that are fast and easy, and as a result, consuming tonnes of processed food. We’re compromising our health and sanity, all to satisfy our material needs. All this pressure creates causes cortisol (stress hormone) to peak and its production [to get] dysregulated, causing weight gain around the abdomen,” she...


Natural Weight Loss Program

Have you wondered why maintaining healthy weight has become so hard in this modern-day society? There are more than a few reasons.  Food choices: We are not making good food choices. Looking for fast and easy, we are consuming tons of processed foods. When you walk into a grocery store, always shop around the outer edges of the store. Avoid the aisles, which are filled with 1000 options of processed foods. Yes, anything that comes in a box or can, is usually processed. Instead, shop for foods in their natural forms, like fresh produce- vegetables, fruits, nuts & seeds. Anything that does not look the same in its natural form, should generally be avoided. Example, fresh strawberries look the same as when they are picked from...