How are you doing?

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How are you doing?

How are you doing? How has the pandemic affected you? Some people have decided to self-isolate and take extreme precautions by not stepping into grocery stores or even do take-out foods. They have considered themselves to act as responsible citizens. While others have done mass protests on the street, going mask-less! They have felt that their rights as citizens have been violated by the Government. Then there are people somewhere in between these two opposites and others who have their own theories and evidence to prove them. Now who is Right and who is Wrong? Who are we to decide and judge?

Well, my take on this is, no matter how this came about, whether it was due to handling of meat, or made in a laboratory, or the Government trying to control people or anything else. “It is What it is.” We are amidst a pandemic and there are thousands of people dying every-day. The focus should not be on difference in beliefs about this current situation because that leads to channeling one’s energy in trying to prove their perspective to be the right one, rather let’s focus on getting out of this current situation as soon as possible.

No-one knows how long this is here to last! Maybe another 18 months, with ebb and flow? Who knew in the beginning of 2020 that we will all be enclosed in our homes starting mid-March? In fact, when we met with our friends on New Year’s Eve, we did an exercise to list our 20 ambitious goals for 2020! Well, that got thrown out of the window! 😊 Well, we are “in this”. Yes, all of us. No-one is excluded- from the President to the common man. No religion is spared. No exclusions- skin color, profession, status- Nothing. Thus, “We” are all affected. We=One. Thus, we all need to collectively work on coming out of this situation as soon as possible.

What have you done in the last two months? For most of us, business has slowed down. We have had to do things which we were not used to doing. I am sure that we are all thankful for the food and shelter which is the basic need for any human. Maybe we realized that it really does not take much to live. Some of us wonder what we were so busy doing prior to this pandemic. Was it really worth our time? How do you prepare to go back into this New World? What is going to be the “New Normal”? So many questions arise.

Personally, I go back to my clinic this week after almost two months of Teleconsulting from home. I am filled with hope and courage and will take all the preventative measures and follow screening protocols. It feels good to be of service to your fellow human. My heart is filled with gratitude. Amidst all this chaos and uncertain times, I enjoyed cooking for my family. I gathered inspiration from my friends and thankful for friends who started Facebook groups that kept everyone engaged in the valley to share recipes.

At the end of the day, we are humans and we need to have some social connection. I quickly realized that I am not a good home-school mom to my kids and very thankful for their school for doing such a fabulous job transitioning the entire curriculum online. Thankful to ABCD School for their online dance classes, Sunitha from Sparkles for adding Bollywood Zumba, Sumit Banerjee for his online yoga classes. Thankful to my colleagues who conducted online meditations, thankful for inspirational speakers.

I look forward to listening to Dr. Shefali every single day. Thankful to Chinmaya Mission Phoenix to add more online classes – an opportunity for Satsang for all of us to learn & grow.

At the end of the day, practicing the Golden Hour ( 60 minutes total)- 20 minutes for Body (Exercise), 20 minutes for Mind (meditation) & 20 minutes for your Soul (Inspirational reading and listening) is a Must.